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Australian Breastfeeding Association WA

The Australian Breastfeeding Association WA is part of a national organisation that provides evidence-based information and education, as well as support and counselling to women who are breastfeeding their babies and to their families. We regularly run local, community-based support groups that provide services to mothers and their partners. The Association also helps to educate Health Professionals through its annually-held Seminar Series. Other services that we provide include our free National Breastfeeding Helpline 24/7 on 1800 686 268 that is staffed by volunteer breastfeeding counsellors; Live Chat; Breastfeeding Education Classes for mothers-to-be and their partners; and Breast Pump Hire. In WA, there is no office and we do not have any paid staff. All the work is carried out by our volunteers from their homes or from venues that are hired. Membership of the Association is available to anyone who is interested in supporting the organisation and there are additional benefits provided.