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Alternatives to Violence Project WA, Inc

Logo for Alternatives to Violence Project WA, Inc

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a not for profit, non-religious organisation of volunteers committed to reducing interpersonal violence in our society. AVP works toward this goal by presenting experiential conflict resolution workshops in prisons, schools and with community groups. AVP workshops provide conflict-management skills that can enable individuals to build successful interpersonal interactions, gain insights into themselves, and find new and positive approaches to their lives. The fundamental belief in AVP is that there is a power for peace in everyone, available to those who are open to it. This power has the ability to transform violence and is called "Transforming Power." AVP builds on a spiritual base of respect and care for self and others. Workshops are provided at three levels – Basic, Advanced and Training for Facilitators. The Basic AVP workshop focuses on primary conflict management skills. Generally, only taken once to lay the foundation of the AVP philosophy and program. Step-by-step experiences and exercises focus on: • Affirmation - Building self-esteem and trust. • Communication - Improving both listening skills and assertive methods of expression. • Cooperation - Developing cooperative attitudes that avoid competitive conflicts. • Creative Conflict Management - Getting in touch with the inner "Transforming Power" to manage potentially violent situations. Through role playing, participants learn new and creative ways to respond to conflict situations. Facilitators are all trained volunteers. If you would like to become a facilitator in AVP, you will be required to undergo the series of three workshops and then have an interview to explore the mutual suitability for the role. You will need to attend the three workshops as a participant for your own personal growth and the cost of these is $120 (full time worker) or $60 (part time worker, concession) for each workshop.