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Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Inc.

KSFGI is dedicated to planting a wide variety of organic fresh food (vegetables and herbs) for member and community use in an aesthetic setting and to grow the garden by acquiring additional vacant stockyard pens. The aim is for members and the community to enjoy the experience of the garden and volunteer their time to growing fresh food. • Provide year-round supply of fresh food for members and the Kensington community in particular disadvantaged people. • Increase current capacity for growing organic fresh food • Encourage memberships and contributions to assist in the development of the garden • Organize food/plant swaps to reduce wastage and improve community cohesion • Create a safe and bustling community meeting place for all Kensington residents • Conduct gardening education/training workshops for gardeners • Establish a plant nursery to propagate and grow seedlings to support the gardens plant needs • Link in with other local gardens and compost hubs.