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Adelaide Farmers Market

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The Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market first started on Sunday 1 October 2006. The market provides a sustainable retail market place for South Australian farmers and producers to direct sell seasonal, regional, fresh produce and food products made from that produce, to the community. The Market also promotes value-adding manufacture of primary South Australian produce and educates the community about the production and use of fresh food and the importance of a healthy environment for that food. For consumers, we offer an authentic experience and an opportunity to connect with producers and their products. For producers, we offer an opportunity to generate a viable income, obtain direct consumer feedback and test products. For the community we promote the value of healthy eating and sustainable primary production. Agricultural and food industries are an important part of the Australian economy and national identity. While not seen as a major part of Australia's GDP, these industries provide employment across both rural and urban Australia. Most of the food we consume in Australia is not only being transported long distances to our plates but what goes into our food and who actually produces it is hidden from us. Eating locally can be beneficial to both the environment and our health, and in putting our dollars into supporting the local community and farmers directly.

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