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Satellite Projects Inc

Satellite Projects aims to fill a gap in the arts industry through a unique and innovative public program of exhibitions, networking and mentoring. We provide an alternative, accessible and inclusive model of service that differs from the mainstream approach (i.e. galleries that are either artist run, for emerging artists, or fully commercial). Within our model of service, we offer artists an opportunity to exhibit at low cost. Such events expose artists to new audiences in non-traditional venues, outside of the standard locations and networks. Through building relationships with our venues’ hosts audiences, and networks broader than the mainstream art industry, are opened up to our artists. In addition to exhibiting artists work in carefully themed, professionally curated shows, our artists are also able to receive mentoring and support from a range of talented arts practitioners. We see the mix and match of mentors to meet our artists’ needs as key to the provision of meaningful support and the building of the confidence necessary for a sustainable career.