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Australian Anti Ice Campaign

Logo for Australian Anti Ice Campaign

Australian Anti Ice Campaign invitation to join us to help PUT THE FREEZE ON ICE AAIC (Australian Anti Ice Campaign) are Educating & Raising Awareness of the dangers associated with the drug ICE, which is currently a growing epidemic in our nation. We are inviting the community to unite with us in this campaign to “Put the Freeze on ICE” in your community. AAIC have a proven role model program that has been implemented in over 8 states in the USA with outstanding results decreasing ICE/Meth use in over 8 states in the USA by 80 per cent. The USA has partnered up with AAIC to help us implement this program nationally within Australia. AAIC is ready to launch a National Education program about ICE into High schools across Australia. Along side this we will be holding forums within the community to well inform our nation of the dangers associated with ICE use. We have commercials, social media adverts and billboards ready to saturate our nation warning them about this highly addictive and destructive drug ICE. Consider what AAIC can bring to your community. what are you doing about our national ICE issue? Have you educated your loved ones against this highly destructive and debilitating drug ? The truth is ICE is taking lives daily...killing stealing and destroying families and communities nationally. We encourage Australia to join us in the fight against ICE. As we continue to unite the services and communities throughout every state including nurses, police, service providers counselors, rehabilitation housing and detox providers, as members of our society we invite you to consider the power of unity against this devastating problem.