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Australian Dance Vision

ADV is the premiere Australian society dedicated to the provision of professional dance education and examination syllabus covering: - Classical - Jazz - Tap - Contemporary - Hip Hop We are training the young dancers and teachers of the next generation. Syllabus and assessment programs We have 50+ individual lesson plans with embedded academic elements for nutrition, body science, safe dance and history for each dance genre. The student is taught in a holistic manner with objective based assessments combining: - dance performance and knowledge - music theory - student choreography - open marking systems - body science - nutrition - personal awareness - critical thinking - dance history - musicality ADV is an enriching program for young dancers ready for careers in and beyond pure dance. Students are encouraged to improvise and choreograph and are assessed in a non-threatening environment. Dance teachers welcome this approach as the student progresses at their own rate and in keeping with their physical and cognitive development. Parents are encouraged to work their child and teacher to learn about career paths and qualifications beyond pure dance, leveraging energy and love of movement into fulfilling careers Penny Lancaster, Founder, felt a comprehensive assessment program, Australian owned and developed, allows students to progress at their own pace in Australian educational systems. Our new and pioneering approach to assessing young dancers creates a benchmark for a unique Australian dance society and syllabus service organisation. We listen to our members including dance teachers, studio owners, government and independent schools and encourage their input into improvements of syllabuses and assessment processes. We provide teacher and school/studio support through regular professional development workshops and our newsletter To The Pointe. Not for profit and tax deductible ADV is a non-profit member-based co-operative dance society which has invested in improving methods for education and training of students and teachers of dance. Under ACNC/ASIC authority, ADV is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation which can receive donations that are tax deductible. All income generated remains in Australia and creates employment in the Australian arts industry. We aim to help potential dancers, creative individuals, choreographers, teachers, dance administrators and articulate, intelligent dance audience members.