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Powerhouse Dreams

Logo for Powerhouse Dreams

Powerhouse Dreams is driven by a passionate group of individuals who have a collective interest in providing support to families of children with disabilities. The charity was inspired by Tammy and David Whait, the parents of two young children with disabilities. Like any loving parents, Tammy and David wanted their children to have the best that life has to offer, including access to disability services. However, due to service gaps in Western Australia’s system, it was proving extremely difficult for this to happen. Raising a child is expensive enough, but it is even more financially and emotionally draining when your child has a disability. To meet the financial needs of their children, Tammy & David found they had to fundraise to subsidise the costs for intensive therapy and specialised equipment. During that process they discovered that to fundraise in WA you needed a charity license and they couldn’t apply for one as individuals. Tammy came to realise that other families were facing the same challenges and so she decided to start a charity that could become a legal entity for other families to be able to fundraise through. She formed a board of like-minded parents and Powerhouse Dreams was born. As a charity, Powerhouse Dreams also acknowledge the lack of emotional support and access to information for families. Through services such as mentoring and networking it is envisaged that Powerhouse Dreams will be able to bridge this information gap and provide resources that will increase the availability of emotional and financial support as well as practical information and assistance. We have had to jump through a lot of hoops to make this charity a reality, however Powerhouse Dreams is now in a strong position to provide real benefit to the community by addressing recognised service gaps in disability services within Western Australia.