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Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) - TADSA

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For 42 years Technology for Ageing and Disability (TADSA) has been dedicated to providing unique solutions that improve the wellbeing, lifelong learning, daily living and community participation of people living with a disability. Utilising volunteers with engineering, trade, technical and other specialised skills, they design and make or modify equipment to improve everyday living, including sport and recreation, vocational and economic life, connecting and communicating or simply enhancing quality of life. While TADSA volunteers operate out of their own facilities (usually back yard sheds) the organisational administration takes place at our small and humble office in Blacks Road, Gilles Plains. TADSA has a big impact on people’s lives and has been described as levelling the playing field, making it possible to be more independent, “doing the thing that I could not ordinarily do". The devices TADSA volunteers invent literally change people's lives. Bespoke equipment means clients can shift from the sideline into the main game. TADSA’s Freedom Wheels bicycle program provides children living with disabilities the opportunity to move unassisted and independently, often signalling the start to a new, exciting chapter in their life. Without the service we provide, many people with a disability would go without the equipment they need because almost all the devices we make and supply are not readily obtainable from commercial sources. The more people who know about TADSA, the more people with disabilities we can help.