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Logo for Youngcare

Youngcare is a not-for-profit organisation spearheading powerful and positive change to help more young people with high care needs, live the lives we all deserve. There are simply too many young people in Australia being left behind, living in inappropriate and unacceptable housing. It is an issue that spans the corners of the country, yet it’s so close to home. For 13 years, we have been fighting to make a difference to the lives of young people with high care needs and the loved ones who care for them. Our fight continues. Youngcare is leading much-needed change in the disability housing sector. With the insight and experience of the people we help firmly steering us, we are rallying change makers across the country — industry, government and community — to shape a national solution. Together, we will make an impact. Young people with high care needs deserve this freedom. To choose where they live. To choose who they live with. To choose how they live their lives. It’s a freedom we all deserve, which is why it’s up to all of us to make sure it happens. Together, we are a powerful voice for positive choice.