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Bringing Hope, Sharing Joy and Building Community in Esperance. Founded on the 13th of February 1997 103.9HopeFM is Esperance’s very own community radio in Esperance, Western Australia. With a Christian foundation, the mission of 103.9HopeFM community radio is to broadcast content that will bring a smile to your body and soul. 103.9HopeFM is operated entirely by a team of enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to produce local-content broadcasts and streamed programs from other sources. We have broadcasters aged between 14 and 75, and all have very diverse tastes in music, but who all share the aim of Bringing Hope, Sharing Joy and Building Community. 103.9HopeFM is run by the community, for the community, and welcomes anyone who is willing to work with the ethos of the organisation. With our mission to bring hope, share joy and build community we can be listened to by the whole family. We aim to the be ‘on air’ voice for community organisations including local churches - providing information about activities and events for people in and around Esperance, Western Australia. 103.9HopeFM broadcasts a variety of music and other audio content that’s positive, informative and encouraging, from both local presenters and programs created from other places in Australia and the world. With music programs including rock & roll, heavy metal, folk, memory lane, country and classic rock, with some jazz, soul and swing thrown in – there is truly something for everyone.

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