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Telethon Speech & Hearing

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Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH) is a proud Western Australian success story. The only one of its kind in Australia, TSH brings together a range of interconnected supports for children with hearing loss and/or speech delays and disorders to support them and their families. Our models integrate service delivery unparalleled in the country to support children to hear, speak, learn and play. Unique in our approach TSH provides a range of diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services for children with hearing, speech and language needs. We take a whole of life approach to supporting children and their families so they can have the most fulfilled lives possible. Our programs include: • Chatterbox: an early intervention program for children with a hearing loss. • Talkabout: an early intervention program for children with speech and language delays or disorders • Literacy Group: an extension to our Talkabout program, providing a literacy focus for primary school aged children in Years 1 - 3 • Outpost: a school support program located in 11 mainstream settings at various Catholic and Independent schools in the Perth metropolitan area. • Hearing Services: TSH’s audiological services for children and adults through our audiological clinics and internal TSH supports. • Ear Health: Operating in the Pilbara, Wheatbelt and Cockburn our ear health programs is an integrated approach from screening to audiology to primary health and surgical supports for children suffering from otitis media. • Therapy Clinics: Providing one-on-one support in the areas of speech therapy and occupational therapy for children