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Use your camping skills to assist people of all ages with a disability

People Outdoors

People Outdoors, a branch of the Australian Camps Association, was established in 1989 to provide outdoor recreation for people of all ages with physical or intellectual disabilities. The Australian Camps Association is a registered NDIS service provider certified with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and accredited with the Quality Tourism Framework.

Camp programs include overnight through to week long residential camps and provide people with disabilities the opportunity to experience the social and developmental benefits of adventure outdoors. In some cases, participation is assisted by our charity, the People Outdoors Fund. All programs are staffed by trained and passionate professionals and volunteers.Volunteers are required to:

Attend and take part in a volunteer training session as soon as possible after applying (this includes filling out relevant forms a police check and working with children check).

Read and understand the Child Protection Policy.

Treat all camper information as confidential.

. Provide a duty of care at all times. That is, take all reasonable care to avoid actions or omissions that you can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure, or cause harm to the camper.

. Listen and respect the authority of the designated People Outdoors Program Leader.

. Voice and discuss any problems, concerns etc. to Program Leader or to People Outdoors staff.

Prior to departure on camp:

. Attend an information session at the time and location that is designated by the People Outdoors staff member.

. Make contact and meet with the nominated camper prior to camp.

. Arrive at the camp departure point at the specified time on the day of departure, to help organise all of the camp equipment

Whilst on camp:

On camp the role of the volunteer is very diverse, ranging from assisting with the personal needs of the camper to facilitating activities.

. Participate in all camp tasks and activities that will ensure safe and quality experience for all campers.

. Be responsible for your nominated camper (1:1 supervision), and know where that camper is at all times.

. Be responsible for delegating your responsibility to an appropriate alternative volunteer, in the event that you are not available. For example, during time out or in case of emergency.

. Ensure that your nominated campers personal care and safety needs are met at all times, i.e. toilet, shower, meals.

. Assist the camper in participating in activities on camp by encouraging and facilitating involvement where possible and practical.

. Ensure all campers have a turn on activities before any volunteers.

. Encourage social interaction of your camper and act as an appropriate role model.

. Fill out a daily diary (preferably with the camper) on positive activities and experiences of the camp.

. Stay with your camper until they are picked up by the parent/care-giver from the bus destination.

. Give your campers carer feedback at the conclusion of camp.

. Contact People Outdoors in the event of an emergency or any other concerns during camp.

. Be familiar with camp-site emergency procedures (including fire procedures).

. Adhere to any rules/regulations operating on the camp you are attending.

. Respect and care for property/resources of the camp-site.

. Carry out any delegated tasks for the duration of the camp (e.g. photographer, sign in / out, first aider, equipment person).

At the conclusion of the camp:

. Attend a debrief session after the conclusion of the camp.

. Fill out an evaluation form for People Outdoors which must be returned to the Program Leader at camp debrief session.

. Return any confidential information / files relating to your campers (e.g. camper profile) at the camp debrief session.

. Return your completed camper’s diary within two weeks of the conclusion of the camp.