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Phone Coordinator - Wildlife Rescue | SOWFI

Save Our Wildlife Foundation Inc
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Wildlife Rescue Phone Coordinator | Team Member

Join the supportive Rescue Phone Team and assist our wildlife by giving advice and finding solutions to assist wildlife in need in South Australia.

You will need:

  • mobile phone
  • to install 3 apps on your phone
  • to be able to fill in online forms

SOWFI provides:

  • full training and resources
  • a supportive team to contact for assistance

We are looking for people to cover the following times: Monday/Saturday/Sunday 9am to 6pm Every day of the week 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm - short shifts but can be busy Nightshifts 9pm to 6am (can sleep as long as the phone wakes you) You don't have to stay at home as you can take calls wherever you have good phone reception and can action a rescue from your phone. Let us know in your application what times suit you.

Ideally you will have some knowledge and experience with wildlife but it's not essential. If you love wildlife and love helping people and animals, you will love this job. You will learn a lot about our common species that come into care and how you can provide assistance to members of public, or call out one of our Wildlife Rescuers.

We are Centrelink Approved.