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Karitane Volunteer Family Connect


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Karitane is a dynamic and innovative not for profit organisation and registered charity providing early parenting services. Karitane provides support and education on the unique challenges of parenting to mums, dads and carers with children from birth to five years of age.

Volunteer Family Connect is providing evidence based best practice and clinical expertise to provide social and practical support to families, strengthening their parenting knowledge and improve community connections.

Volunteers receive a training package to be able to provide practical, social and emotional support in the families home.

The type of support a Volunteer provides includes

  • assisting parents to further develop their skills and confidence
  • helping parents establish routines that work for their family
  • helping parents become aware of services available to them
  • helping parents identify needs or concerns
  • enjoy accessing the community, go to a library, the park or even the shopping centre - things that can be overwhelming for some new parents

Volunteers don't

  • babysit children or look after children if the parents are not in the home
  • do house work
  • provide transport
  • provide professional advise