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Volunteer Manager

Spirit of Woman

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Spirit of Woman is a not-for-profit organisation, seeking to shift domestic & family violence (DFV) from behind closed doors into the public domain, where it can be openly acknowledged, shared, and discussed.

Volunteer Managers will develop and manage the program of volunteering at Spirit of Woman, which enhances and increases the capacity for service delivery, and which meets and informs our strategic objectives. The main areas of responsibility are:

Leadership & Coordination

  • Development, implement and evaluate a volunteer program
  • Generate opportunities and role descriptions based on current operational and program aspirations
  • Help internal stakeholders to understand the role of volunteers and the contribution they can make
  • Recommend and implement goals and objectives for the volunteer program reflecting Spirit of Women’s values
  • Manage the practicalities of the program, including policies, procedures, standards, and budgets
  • Embed good practice in volunteer coordination, training, motivation, recruitment, and safeguarding
  • Conduct continuous evaluation of the programs and services delivered by volunteers
  • Encourage the development of a leadership style that seeks out the benefits of collaborative action whilst emphasising the importance of individual accountability

Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Support

  • Inform staff and volunteers on their roles and responsibilities to stakeholders, in alignment with the objectives of the organisation
  • Deliver a plan to recruit the right volunteers with skills that match organisational needs
  • Coordinate, develop and deliver appropriate training for volunteers to be successful.
  • Monitor and review volunteers ensuring they receive sufficient support and achieve their goals
  • Plan and host knowledge sharing and social sessions for volunteers
  • Act as a central point of contact for volunteers and coordinate volunteer enquiries
  • Familiarise volunteers with the Spirit of Woman's audience, services and the role and responsibilities of volunteers

Consultation, Partnerships & Networking

  • Maintain an up-to-date database, monitor and evaluate activities, and write reports for funders and trustees
  • Investigate best practice in the volunteering and cultural sectors regarding increasing the diversity of volunteers
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to recruit volunteers with skills that match the interests of the organisation
  • Ensure that volunteer welfare is high
  • Train staff to work effectively with volunteers on each program and resolve conflicts without bias
  • Develop a budget and assess available resources for the volunteer program activities
  • Generate income, write funding bids, and raise funds to ensure the sustainability and viability of each project
  • Design formal or informal activities to recognise the contributions of volunteers to the organisation
  • Organise profile raising events to attract new volunteers and raise funds

Develop and manage partnerships with external stakeholders including Universities/volunteering hubs

  • Develop and maintain links with local community groups and other organisations and businesses to recruit volunteers
  • Raise the profile of Spirit of woman volunteer programs, acting as an ambassador

Information, Marketing and Promotion

  • Work with Marketing to design marketing materials in accessible formats to promote Eureka! and its volunteer program, including digitally
  • Attend volunteer fairs and community events and organise recruitment workshops and talks
  • Utilise networks and brokerage services to promote volunteering opportunities
  • Host Volunteer Liaison Group meetings; take and distribute minutes/action points

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Ensure that volunteer roles, guidelines, procedures, record keeping, and evaluation systems are followed and maintained
  • Ensure that volunteers receive the appropriate level of supervision
  • Provide data and written reports for internal and external reporting as required

Health and Safety

  • Ensure that all programs, activities, and events are developed and conducted in line with Health, Safety and Safeguarding guarding guidelines, conducting any necessary risk assessments as required

Skills/experience needed:

  • Knowledge of current trends, resources and information related to volunteer management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with a diverse range of people
  • Proven experience of initiating and managing volunteer projects
  • Experienced in managing budgets with good financial awareness
  • An empathy with volunteers and an understanding of their needs
  • Capacity to inspire, influence and motivate others
  • Ability to deal with information in a confidential manner and respond with sensitivity
  • Good organisational skills and the ability to manage a variety of tasks
  • administrative and IT skills, and an ability to maintain records and produce reports
  • experience working across different sectors