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Sleepbus LTD

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This is the ultimate volunteer role at sleepbus, its also the coolest. The Caretaker role is an overnight stay on sleepbus.

If you take this on, you’re the boss of the service for that night; you make sure all guests are allocated a sleep pod and get tucked in. You also get to sleep on sleepbus for the night in the private Caretakers Cabin to ensure all of our guests are well taken care of and to provide assistance overnight. The Caretakers Cabin is for two, so there is opportunity to share this role with someone else.

Key Points:

  • Buddy training required before solo
  • Overnight stay on sleepbus
  • Leadership role

Shift Details:

  • Starts at 8pm
  • Finishes at 8am

Key Criteria:

  • Reliable
  • Caring
  • Organised