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Volunteer Peer Leader, Peer Support Program

Dementia Australia

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A Peer Leader is a person living with dementia or a carer of a loved one with dementia who wishes to use their lived experience to provide support to another person in similar circumstance.

Peer Leaders’ will be matched with a Peer Participant by Dementia Australia to connect one-on-one for up to 6 phone or video calls over a 6-month period. They may be matched with multiple peers at any one time if they wish.

Peer Leaders’ will initiate interactions with their peers and gently encourage them to share their experiences, ask questions and share information, resources and programs that are available at Dementia Australia.

A Peer Leader cannot advise their peers what is best for them and do not provide specific medical advice, counselling or crisis support. A Peer Leader focuses on sharing their experiences, what they have found helpful for them, and sharing information about Dementia Australia resources and services.


• Lived experience is necessary and invaluable; it enables you, as a Peer Leader to connect with others on a deeper empathetic level.

• You do not need to hold specific qualifications or volunteer experience to become a Peer Leader

• All Peer Leaders’ will be required to complete Dementia Australia’s online Peer Leader Induction program.


• Willingness to actively listen to another person’s story and experiences

• Openness to share your experiences with dementia

• Ability to build rapport with someone over phone or video call

• Insight into your own needs and self-care

• A genuine interest in supporting and encouraging others to feel empowered


• Engage one-on-one with peer participants you are matched with by Dementia Australia to listen to their story and build rapport

• Share your lived experiences and your tips and strategies for living well

• Act as a positive role model for your peer

• Focus on your peer participant’s strengths during your conversation

• Develop and utilise your understanding of Dementia Australia services to inform your peer participant of what support is available

• Maintain open communication with Dementia Australia to report on the progress of your peer matches

• Report and escalate any concerns that may have come from your one-on-one peer match with Dementia Australia

• Participate in debriefing opportunities with Dementia Australia, in a 1:1 and group setting

• Inform Dementia Australia if you no longer feel able to participate in the Peer Leader role.

• Follow the Dementia Australia Volunteer Guidelines. • organisational background benefits of volunteering with your organisation the impact doing the opportunity will have the extra steps needed to apply (if any)