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Logo for Greenough Museum and Garden Community Association

The Greenough Museum (formally the Greenough Pioneer Museum) is looking for volunteers to help take care of the museum gardens. The Museum is open daily from 8.30am to 3.00pm (except Mondays) and is located 19km south of Geraldton just off the Brand Highway on Phillips Road. It’s a great opportunity of meeting people and helping maintain our beautiful gardens. Plus we provide complimentary tea or coffee (and maybe a veggie or two from the garden).

The Greenough Museum (formally the Greenough Pioneer Museum) is looking for volunteers who are tech savvy to assist with administration duties.

Admin Duties and Tourist Information: Welcome visitors and provide insightful information about our museum. Assist tourists with inquiries and enhance their overall experience.

Cataloging and Database Maintenance: Organize and document our extensive collection of artifacts. Ensure accuracy in maintaining and updating our comprehensive database.

Storage and Collection Handling: Safeguard the integrity of our collections through meticulous storage practices. Handle artifacts with care, implementing specialized techniques as needed.

Research and Library Management: Respond to research inquiries and manage our museum research library resources. Contribute to the expansion of our knowledge base.

Museum Shop Sales: Operate the museum shop, offering exceptional customer service and facilitating sales transactions.

Document Scanning and Archiving: Digitize historical documents, ensuring their preservation and accessibility. Efficiently organize and archive digital copies for future reference.

Inventory Management: Keep track of museum assets, including artifacts, supplies, and merchandise.