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We have a need for volunteers in the Southern suburbs. A Working with Children or a Police Check is required prior to applying for this role. Required checks are payable by the volunteer.

Anyone over 18 can apply to become a POOPS volunteer. Typically our volunteers are animal lovers who are/have been pet owners and many are working in or have worked in the human health or animal rescue services.

POOPS volunteers assist with the following activities: • Dog walking – Some elderly people are physically unable to walk their dog and become upset when their pet is not getting the exercise it needs. The pet, too, can become distressed and put on an unhealthy amount of weight. While dogs need to be walked on a regular basis, volunteers are under no obligation to commit to regular walking times, but commit as much time as they can comfortably manage. Times can be arranged so they are mutually convenient.

• Pet feeding – Elderly people sometimes go into hospital for short periods of time. In these cases and in the right circumstances, it may be possible for a volunteer to feed a pet in the home (often backyards or verandahs) of its owner for a maximum of two or three days. This provides owners with peace of mind that their pet is being looked after and allows them to attend to their own health and medical needs. If the period of absence is likely to be extended, we will arrange with the owner for the pet to be boarded at the owner’s expense. POOPS WA does not currently foster.

• Transport – Many people have used a local vet for a number of years but due to age or disability are no longer able to drive or walk long distances to get the pet to the vet. We should try to keep clients using their local veterinary service as much as possible, but in order to do that they need help to transport animals to/from the local vet. If you are willing to use your car in those circumstances we would love to hear from you. • Admin- With over 700 volunteers we are always looking for people with administrative skills to help us keep our volunteers and clients organized. If you aren’t keen to be out with the pets but would like to put your other skills to use with us please reach out!

*Please note a Police Check or Working with Children Check is required prior to applying for this role. Required checks are payable by the volunteer.