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Technical Support - Tech, Engineering, Trade, Home

Freedom Solutions Australia

Their role will be to undertake projects as assigned by our Freedom Solutions Project Coordinators. Throughout a project the Technical Volunteer is supported by, and works under the direction of the Project Coordinator. At times other volunteers may also review another volunteer’s project.

  • Design, construct and/or modify aids and equipment for individuals with disabilities in your own maker space at home
  • Participate as a team member with the Freedom Solutions Project Coordinator, clients, carers or other health professionals (and volunteers if required). Attend appointment/s with the Project Coordinator to discuss the project requirements with the client at their home, school or where ever the aid/equipment will be used.

Examples of projects:

  • Wheelchair Modifications: Modifying or customizing wheelchairs, such as creating custom trays, modifying footplates, adding accessories like sun canopies or wheelchair bags, and adapting exercise pedals for wheelchair use.
  • Mobility Aid Adaptations: Adapting or modifying mobility aids, including trikes, walkers, scooters, and bikes, to suit the specific needs of individuals.
  • Accessibility Solutions: Projects improving accessibility, such as designing steps for home, bathroom, kitchen, and trampoline access. Modifications for beds, chairs, tables, and workstations to enhance accessibility and functionality.
  • Assistive Devices: Creating assistive devices like hand gripping aids, page turners, sensory boards, book stands, and modified exercise equipment to improve independence and participation in various activities.
  • Sports and Recreation Adaptations: Modifications to support participation in recreational activities, including gaming adaptations, custom support for gaming, trampolines, golf bags and wheelbarrows.
  • Personal Care and Daily Living Aids: Modifications for personal care, such as toilet platforms with rails, bed surrounds, shower commode accessories, kneeling/sitting garden chairs and dressing aids.
  • Education and School-related Projects: Customizations and adaptations for schools, such as school chairs, art easels, trampoline steps, and platforms.
  • Miscellaneous Projects: Unique or specialized requests like designing controller setups, mountings for various devices, oxygen cylinder holders, boccie baskets, sewing machine trolleys, and equipment modifications.
  • Assistive technology solutions aimed at enhancing mobility, accessibility, independence, and overall quality of life for individuals with diverse needs.