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Finding the right Corporate Volunteering opportunity

Finding the right Corporate Volunteering opportunity

If you’re an employee of a company that offers a corporate volunteering program, but are stuck on how you should spend your day of volunteering, we’re here to guide you.

It can be a challenge to balance a heavy workload with volunteering, so using your employee volunteer leave is a great way to contribute to the community. There are some fantastic benefits to corporate volunteering that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Some of these include:

  • Opportunities to meet and interact with new people from other areas of your company and the broader community.
  • New and more positive perceptions of career, workplace, peers and management teams.?
  • Helping people in need and making a difference to important causes.
  • Opportunity to gain skills or use existing skills in a new environment.

SEEK Volunteer has some useful search functions which are designed to narrow the pool of corporate volunteering opportunities, helping you find the best way to spend your volunteering day.

1. For skilled volunteers...

If you’re working as an employee, it means you have a skill-set begging to be used for the greater good. Why not lend your knowledge and expertise to a cause or company that resonates with you. Whether you’re a tech head, an admin whizz, a communications expert, a handy person or a school educator, you can search for an organisation looking to benefit from your skills.

2. For groups of ten or more…

Does your team want to volunteer together as a group? Great! For many organisations, the more volunteers, the better; and the benefits for your team are plentiful. While banding together, engaging in opportunities such as meals on wheels or event fundraising, you’ll be boosting team morale, socialising and enjoying time outside of your regular workplace. SEEK Volunteer has hundreds of opportunities suited to groups of ten or more.

3. For just a once-off, few-hour commitment…

Still not convinced you have the time or energy to take up volunteering? There are roles for someone like you, someone with a big workload and not enough hours in the day. You’d be surprised what a few hours stepping away from your normal working day to help others can do for your outlook; and, you can still have a big impact from a little amount of volunteering time. Whether that’s using your skills to help complete a project, working in a food shelter or speaking at an event, there are plenty of opportunities that take up just a few hours of your time.

There’s no doubt participating in your company’s volunteering program while you get paid is a win-win for all. While you’ll be helping others in need, there’s a very good chance a day away from your regular routine will offer you a new perspective.

Go on, make the most of the leave you have and volunteer.

Search all volunteering opportunities here.