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Land a job with your volunteer experience

This National Volunteer Week, we shine a spotlight on landing a job using volunteer experience.

Recent research uncovered that a third of volunteers have landed a job using their volunteer experience. Over half of these volunteers signalled that including volunteer experience on their resume was useful.

Of those that landed a job, 29% indicated it was the connections they made that was the most helpful and 28% said it was the industry experience they gained. Keep in mind there are a handful of industries where volunteering is particularly useful to get relevant experience.

Our Putting volunteering to work research had already highlighted that hiring managers look for candidates with a combination of cultural fit, professional capabilities and soft skills. The key is to communicate the value of your volunteering, so that the hiring manager can recognise how you fit into their workplace and will perform in the role.

As we celebrate everyone that has volunteered, adding significant capability and capacity to critical service organisations across Australia, we also celebrate the mutually beneficial role volunteering can play when job seeking.

To find a volunteer opportunity that best suits you, start your search here.