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Sharing your creative talents through volunteering

Whilst we may not all be able to write songs like David Bowie or paint like Picasso, at some level, we are all creative. It might be as simple as a knack for capturing the perfect photograph, a flair for flowers, your prowess in the kitchen or perhaps you just have an innate ability to look at things in new and unorthodox ways.

Sharing your creative talents through volunteering

At best, we feed our creative side and pursue a career in a creative field. At worst, we end up working 40 hours a week in a job we hate tortured by visions of our inner Jimmy Hendrix carving up the stage to the thunderous applause of thousands of adoring fans!

Not everyone can make a living out of being creative, nor does everyone choose to. But finding time to nurture your creative side is important. The process of thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas in itself is incredibly energising and can help increase your overall sense of happiness.

But before you go quitting your day job, why don’t you consider using your creative skills for good and volunteer?

SEEK Volunteer regularly features hundreds of volunteering opportunities which require volunteers to tap into their creative side and share their talents with others.

You could entertain residents in an Aged Care facility by playing piano once a week or enlivening a Bingo Night with your comedic talents.

For artsy crafty types, you could share your knowledge with others whether it be jewellery making, photography, sewing or floristry. You may even just have a flair for something as simple as gift wrapping. If so, you could volunteer to wrap presents at Christmas time for one of the many organisations who deliver gifts to those in need.

Love a bit of creative writing? Keep an eye out for organisations who are looking for writers to help with their various communication requirements such as websites and newsletters. And for those with gift for design, why not volunteer your graphic design skills to a charity of your choice to help them produce flyers, invitations or annual reports.

Many arts, music and cultural festivals rely on the support of volunteers to help bring them to life. Rather than participate as a spectator, you could become an event volunteer and help bring the festival to life, at the same time potentially connecting with a new network of like-minded people.

No matter how your creative cookie crumbles, there are always people and organisations who welcome creative contributions no matter how big or small. So why feed your creative side and do something you not only enjoy doing, but that importantly also helps others.