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We invite you to become friends, support and learn from new Australians including those seeking asylum. There is now also an opportunity to welcome to their new home Australia and help settle people who have arrived from Kabul Afghanistan. Land of Welcome started by running monthly Picnics at Atherton Gardens housing commission estate in Fitzroy Melbourne however we now have members all over Australia and our activities have become more diverse. Land Of Welcome 10 Year Strategy Christmas 2013 – 2023 Our goal is to give as many Australians as possible an opportunity to develop a friendship with people coming from refugee backgrounds. Picnics facilitate this through learning about each other’s cuisine. Influence starts with seeing past our disappointment in others who don’t support refugees. These people won’t attend an event to support refugees. For friends with this attitude who love spending time in our company and love to cook, we can bring them along to participate in a whole new cooking experience we ourselves loved. So that, over time they can have a new perspective and rethink their attitude. We will seek ways to make our picnics socially acceptable for those not supportive of refugees, like creating a team’s Master Chef TV series in which members of the public can participate by attending one of our picnics. Turning picnics into fun lighthearted competitions extends friendship opportunities. Introducing new friends with a refugee background to our circle of friends away from the picnic, through clubs, an action packed heart touching play or film of a former refugee’s life, are other influence means. Our Target: 10,000 picnics per year within nine years, run by an alliance of 10,000 volunteers Set up and promoted through established networks such as sympathetic political parties, advocacy groups, churches, social media and TV. The 8 Strategies for achieving the Goal of Land Of Welcome 1. Volunteer in projects and events run by organisations set up and run by people who arrived seeking safety and freedom. To socialise, learn from and develop friendships, to do so without expectation they will participate in our events, some will, for those who don't they may have friends who chose to do so. 2. Support new and settled Australians to work together on projects they deeply believe in and make available world class proven teamwork and leadership models for the success of their projects. 3. As our organization attracts additional volunteers, smaller picnics will be run in suburbs where volunteers live. Eventually these picnics will be run throughout Australia. 4. Australians will develop friendships with refugees and invite them home. 5. Australians will invite refugees to join local clubs and community groups so members become friends with refugees or know other club members. 6. Have dinner parties in people’s homes at which refugees and Australians teach each other their cuisines. Video the cooking demonstrations and share them with family/ friends online. In the long term we have thousands of online cooking demonstrations and create a community-based viral social media campaign. 7. Create our own Master Chef inspired competitions, judged by celebrity chefs, football coaches, journalists…, and nationally televised. 8. Finance TV shows, preferably series about the biographies of refugees so that Australians see them no different than you or I.

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