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Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT)

Logo for Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT)

Founded in 1993 to deliver education sessions in ACT schools about mental illness, MIEACT was formally incorporated in 1998. MIEACT secured recurring funding from the ACT Government in 2000, and since then has expanded to deliver additional programs that reduce stigma surrounding mental illness. Whilst continuing and further developing the original Schools Education Program, MIEACT has also developed education programs for the broader community, media programs, and resources for young people. MIEACT educates the Canberra community about mental illness. They aim to reduce stigma and discrimination, improve knowledge, and raise awareness about the importance of getting help early. VISION MIEACT is guided and motivated by a vision of a supportive and socially just community in which the myths, misunderstandings, prejudice, discrimination and stigma surrounding mental illness are eliminated, and people are empowered to sustain their mental health and wellbeing. MISSION MIEACT promotes the personal stories of volunteers with lived experiences of mental illness to educate the community, reduce stigma and discrimination, increase knowledge and awareness, and encourage positive health choices.