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Every day the passionate staff and volunteers of Anglicare Southern Queensland are working to respond to growing community demand for our services. For over 150 years our staff have connected with people on every step of their life path, responding with compassion, creativity, commitment and courage to the needs of the members of our community who require support. Whether it is providing nursing care and domestic assistance in the home, physiotherapy to enable the return of mobility, emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence, working with foster carers in the care of vulnerable children, a safe caring environment for the elderly, skills training for young unemployed people or parental education and counselling, Anglicare is here, to offer the best quality support to enable you to live the life that you want. Anglicare has a workforce of over 2500 people in Queensland across residential aged care, community care and a range of social services programs and is a proud member of the Anglicare Australia network. We provide the support in partnership with government and other support organisations in response to identified care needs throughout Southeast Queensland. Our Vision: To create a more caring, just and inclusive society consistent with the teachings of Christ and the coming Kingdom of God. Our Mission: As part of Anglican Church Southern Queensland we share the mission of the Church which is the mission of Christ to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God. Living out this mission we walk alongside those in need: • To serve with love and humility; • To show compassion by offering care, support and counselling; • To advocate for the most vulnerable and help them to live their lives in fullness and hope; • To be passionate and determined in our commitment to achieve exceptional outcomes for clients, their families and the community; and • To actively participate in and contribute to the whole-of-church mission. Our Values Love: We demonstrate a purposeful commitment to treating all of humanity with compassion and kindness. Care: We exhibit generosity and helpfulness especially toward the most vulnerable in our society and take personal responsibility in our work. Hope: We have enduring faith in the ability of all people to achieve a life of fulfillment and happiness. Humility: We work with humility and show gratitude for the privilege of being able to provide joyful service to our community.

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