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Friends of Nixon Skinner Conservation Park

Normanville Natural Resource Centre
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The Nixon Skinner Conservation Park comprises of 8 hectares of native vegetation and is situated towards the southern end of the Myponga Reservoir. The park is an island of native vegetation in a picturesque setting, framed by the Myponga Reservoir and pine plantations.

There are two major plant associations within the park. The larger proportion is mostly Messmate Stringy-bark with Pink Gum and River Red Gum. Under-story plants include Erect Guinea-flower (Hibbertia stricta), Heath Tea-tree, Myrtle Wattle and Golden Wattle. There is another smaller area of South Australian Blue gum with Silver Banksia, Cross –leaved Honey-myrtle and Silty Tea-tree. This site is also home to a variety of native orchids including the fire orchid and the rare cherry helmet orchid.

Working bees are held on the first Friday of each month commencing at 9.00 am, this could increase depending on interest, it would be lovely to see this small reserve free of some of the more obnoxious weeds.