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Support young women in a supportive, fun and welcoming team

Girl Guides Victoria - Knox District

Girl Guides are looking for adult women of any age, experience, or background to join us for a bunch of FUN! Girl Guides activity/program volunteers organise and run activities for groups of girls of various ages, and provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment for girls to develop their teamwork and leadership skills. Training and mentoring is provided, and you will be part of a supportive, fun, and welcoming team. Girl Guides is a fabulous way to make new friends, looks great on your resume, and as part of a global organisation, connects you with your local community and a world wide network! Depending on your interests and skills, volunteers can also be involved in other aspects of managing a Girl Guide group such as promotions, social media, member recruitment, parent relations and communications, risk management and finance. Girl Guides also provides ongoing development opportunities for those who would like to become further trained/qualified in areas such as unit leadership, camping, outdoor activities, first aid, youth mental health and adult mentorship.