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Logo for Museum of  Understanding Through Tolerance and Inclusion

MUTTI is led by the resilient voices of those with lived experience who have resisted conforming to social norms which cause marginalisation. MUTTI’s participants use the unique transformative power of art to raise public awareness through curiosity, engagement and discussion about the intersectionality of the many discriminations faced by people based on age, disability, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality and socioeconomic status, and the impact these have on human rights, health and well-being.

As a volunteer with MUTTI you will gain unique experience across both the arts/culture and social advocacy sectors helping deliver MUTTI”s innovative vision for individual and community empowerment, social change and human rights through the transformative power of collaborative art-making.

Duties may include:

-Work as part of the MUTTI team to realise our vision and mission for social inclusion and empowerment -Work as part of a project team to support our onsite exhibitions, activations and tours -Design and create compelling social media content for Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and Instagram -Manage our social media scheduling program -Design and manage social media campaigns for our onsite exhibitions, activations and tours -Work closely with our Marketing & Communications Manager and Web Developer to achieve an integrated media presence and reach

Required skills:

-Aligned with MUTTI’s vision, mission and values -Able to be self-motivated and directed but also able to work as part of a team as required -Good organisational, time management and interpersonal skills -Good written and verbal communication skills -Experience and proficiency in social media content design and creation for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram -Experience and proficiency in social media scheduling and campaign management -Able to work from home -Must have sufficient internet for online collaboration and communication -Ongoing requirement of 4 hours per week