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Your guide to finding the right volunteer opportunity.


4 industries where volunteering can help you land your next job

We’re all familiar with this classic job-hunting conundrum - every job requires you to have work experience, but you won’t be able to gain this work experience unless you can land a job!

How volunteering can be flexible and remote

Villi Omanovic works a 40-hour week as a Business Banker at ANZ. Yet despite the long hours, he is passionate about his volunteer position, where he mentors people in digital literacy over video calls from his office.

How volunteering experience can help you land a job

Resume? Done. Application? Complete. Your SEEK Profile is updated and you’ve double-checked the job description … but there’s one last question. Where does your volunteer experience fit into all of this? How can you leverage your volunteering experience to show your skills in a way hirers will understand and help you land the role you want?

Tips on how your volunteer experience can get you hired

Have you heard of ‘the experience proxy?’ Or maybe you've experienced it yourself as a job candidate. It’s an idea that essentially goes around in a circle - a candidate can’t get hired because of a lack of experience, yet they can’t build on their experience because they can’t get hired.

How to use volunteering to boost your resume and interview success

Getting out and developing your volunteering skills is a great step in your personal and professional development. Now it’s time to bring those skills into the workplace and leverage them to help get the job you want.

Finding the right Corporate Volunteering opportunity

If you’re an employee of a company that offers a corporate volunteering program, but are stuck on how you should spend your day of volunteering, we’re here to guide you.

How volunteering can help your career

You volunteer because you love it. But guess what? You’re also building up career brownie points every time you give your time to a good cause.

Get your board career started

It’s an idea that percolates in the back of your mind: one day, somehow, you would like to join a board of directors. You’re not quite sure how to get there, but you feel that you could use your skills to positively contribute to an organisation as a board member.

How volunteering experience helped these students secure their dream jobs

Competition in the workforce is tough, and we are having to work harder than ever to differentiate ourselves and attract the attention of recruiters and employers.

Benefits of volunteering

Being a volunteer isn’t just about giving. You can get a lot back in return from being involved in such an event - both personally and professionally.

How volunteering can help you identify your true passion

If you’ve forgotten what your true passion is, or don’t yet know, volunteer to open your eyes. Volunteering lets you try out new skills or develop ones you already have, and help you find out what you’re really passionate about.

How volunteering can help you gain new skills

Are you looking for a new direction in your work life? Do you feel like you need to make that next step? Sometimes you need a little extra something to get over that next hurdle. The answer could come from volunteering.

When sport event volunteering pays off

A love of athletics inspired Natalie to volunteer at major sporting events around the world. This lead her to a dream job working at the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Aligning personal values with paid employment

This video tells the story of Michael, who worked for the same insurance company for 13 years, until he realised it was possible to marry employment with making a difference to people in need as the manager of Open Heart International.

How volunteering can advance your career

If volunteering specifically to advance your career had a name, we’d call it ‘voluncareering’.

How to make volunteering work for you (at any stage of your career)

Keen to make a difference through volunteering, but too busy to make the commitment? You may be surprised at how much you can help, regardless of how little time you have on offer.

How to find your volunteering fit

It’s well known that volunteering is good for your health, your community, and can even help land you a job. But to get the most out of volunteering, you need to find the right fit.