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Your guide to finding the right volunteer opportunity.


Four ways to spread kindness

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is an admirable way to encourage Kindness Culture by promoting inclusion, respect and community in Australian schools.

Queensland and New South Wales floods: How you can help

The flooding along the east coast of Australia has already seen an incredible groundswell of goodwill and support. As many people experience isolation from storm-related flooding, people have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of their fellow Australians.

Helping our youth through trying times

The past 18 months have seen all of us adjusting to a new, and often-changing norm. And whilst the impact of the pandemic fares better for some than others, there is a spotlight on young people’s mental health.

It takes less than you think to make a real difference

Think you need special skills to volunteer? You don’t need to have any qualifications or unique experience to offer care and compassion to people in need; nor do you need to have any specific cause or passion in mind

How you can volunteer this International Women’s Day

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second American Supreme Court Justice who fought for women’s rights and gender equality throughout her career in law once said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

How the St Kilda Mums co-founder is turning goods into gold

St Kilda Mums is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation that collects, sorts and redistributes essential nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys to families in need. Their work saves the earth’s precious resources by joining with support agencies throughout Melbourne to pass on used material goods from families with young children, giving items a new life and disadvantaged families much-needed material assistance.

How a skilled team put their time to good use

A month after COVID-19 began to spread across Australia in 2020, like many workers in the travel industry, the entire Commercial team at Jetstar was stood down

Tips to help you volunteer during COVID-19

Is your isolation routine starting to feel a bit like Ground Hog Day? If so, you are not alone!

What it means to be a volunteer

Wondering what it is like to volunteer? Volunteering for the first time can seem a bit overwhelming.

Wesley and Jamie’s Story

My wife and I volunteer with Conservation Volunteers Australia, in Townsville. We have been with them for about 2 years, ever since we first arrived in Australia.

Jack’s Story

Birds and my love of the Australian bush have inspired me to be a volunteer for conservation and involved me in many projects over the last two decades.

Naomi’s Story

On a hot Monday in late February, the SEEK marketing team trekked to Clayton with the goal of using our volunteering day to help our less fortunate neighbours, The Sacred Heart Mission Meals Program in St Kilda.

Margaret’s Story

I’ve spent almost 2.5 years volunteering at the Bendigo Historical Society helping to catalogue their collection. It has been a great experience. There’s no better place to learn about the history of a town or place.

Richard’s Story

I volunteer with an organisation called Family Life. Family Life perform a number of benefits to local communities in the Southern Suburbs of Melbourne but in broad strokes they fulfil a commitment to build stronger communities.

Using a passion for people management for a good cause

Carl Walsh works as the Head of Group Financial Planning and Analysis at ANZ Bank and is inspired to get out of bed each morning because of the people he works with. In addition, the Bank’s strategy and presence in 33 countries makes his work interesting, diverse and stimulating.

How an invisible volunteer is making a powerful impact

This video tells the story of Simon who applies his web development skills at Street Smart Australia by helping them keep their websites running.

Not such a dog’s life after all

Life started out nicely enough when I was a puppy. I was a Christmas present – a cute, shaggy thing with floppy ears and lots of energy. My days were full of cuddles, food, sleep and more cuddles. Life was good!

How to help our planet through volunteering

Images of whales being found with 40kg of plastic in their stomach, emaciated polar bears, rainforest destruction, drought ravaged farms and fish kills can leave us all feeling overwhelmed at the state of planet Earth.

Carl’s Story

Berry Street asked me if I (along with a small team from ANZ) could assist them with an external review of this process to help inform them whether they were on the right track.

When natural disasters bring out the best in people

The catastrophic scale and devastation wrought by the recent ‘Black Summer’ bushfires are like nothing the world has ever seen. Thirty-three people have lost their lives, 3000 homes destroyed, over a billion wild life killed, 7.7 million hectares burnt, thousands of ancient Aboriginal sites damaged and the country being choked by the worst air quality in the world.

How you can volunteer from home

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to, and many of us are trying to find new ways to fill our time and remain helpful to our communities. While the majority of face-to-face volunteering opportunities simply aren’t feasible right now, the good news is that there are still plenty of ways in which you can volunteer remotely from home.

The qualities and skills that will help you be a great volunteer

Worried or unsure about what you have to offer as a volunteer? The good news is that most community organisations are looking for skills that you already have.

Australian Bushfires – how to help those in need

In Australia, we enjoy immense natural beauty – from the lush tropics of the north, to the vast red deserts of the centre, ancient forests, snowy peaks and endless rugged coastline. As our national anthem says, our land really does abound with nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare.

Here’s how to find an opportunity that suits your interests

To make it easier for you, we’ve recently introduced some handy tools to help unlock the full potential of your search and ensure you never miss a volunteer opportunity.

Supporting global issues within your local community

Mel, like many of us, leads a busy life, but still finds the time to give back to the community.

5 steps to finding your perfect volunteer opportunity

Here’s how to find (and land) a gig that helps you give back; in a role you’ll find rewarding.