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Your guide to finding the right volunteer opportunity.


The value of reconnecting and what it could look like for you

It’s been over a year since our country catapulted into a procession of droughts, bushfires, flooding and the global pandemic. Amidst these disasters, almost six million volunteers dedicated over 600 million hours to help others

New year, new ways to volunteer

Take a big deep breath out. 2020 has turned its final page and a new year is upon us.

How volunteering can positively impact your kids

Do you want to spend quality time together as a family? Why not volunteer to help others? Volunteering as a family can be very rewarding and at the same time give back to the community.

Sharing your creative talents through volunteering

Whilst we may not all be able to write songs like David Bowie or paint like Picasso, at some level, we are all creative. It might be as simple as a knack for capturing the perfect photograph, a flair for flowers, your prowess in the kitchen or perhaps you just have an innate ability to look at things in new and unorthodox ways.

Penny’s Story

I started being a volunteer in 1995 with a group called Kids camps. I was a street kid living in a youth hostel at the time and had no real direction till one of the youth workers asked if I wanted to help on one of these camps.

Di’s Story

I decided that a great way to start my volunteering was to apply to St Vincent De Paul’s, a wonderful chain of op-shops that donate to the less fortunate.

Claudette’s Story

I first started volunteering at the Centre when my children left home and I had retired. The initial decision was made because it was so close to home, but now it has become an integral part of my week.

Emma’s Story

Every year at SEEK we are provided with a volunteer day where we can leave the office and choose to volunteer with an organisation of our choice. Last year, my team chose to volunteer as a group at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the cancer ward.

You can help change someone’s life

If you’re thinking about volunteering, it can help to understand more about the impact you can have. Volunteers help to deliver critical services to our community that wouldn’t otherwise be delivered.

Friends who volunteer together, stick together

It is an all too common occurrence. It’s July, and you realise you haven’t seen your best friend since February. You both reach for diaries to find a time to get together but between kids’ sport, work trips, holidays and a seemingly endless stream of birthday celebrations, you both realise that the first weekend you both have free isn’t until late October. Yep, October.

Cameron’s Story

We knew we were signing up for a physical challenge, but we didn’t realise the extent to which it would provide us with a mental challenge, team building experience, and how much we would really contribute to Oxfam.

Brigid’s Story

I wanted to use my work/life experience and skills in a meaningful way to volunteer, so when I found the opportunity on SEEK to provide mentoring to an underprivileged child through the Smith Family, I knew it was the right choice for me.

Bill and Maree’s Story

Grandparents Bill and Maree volunteer for Easy Care Gardening one day a week.

Be brave – step out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone – that wonderful place where your tracksuit pants and stained but much-loved Princess Diana commemorative coffee mug are free to roam. A place without hustle or hassle, a place of routine and familiarity.

How to find connection through volunteering

Many of us are already volunteers without really considering ourselves as such. Our passions, interests and communities often instinctively lead us to become involved in volunteer activities which are close to our heart and strengthen our immediate communities.

New Year, New Me, Now What?

Now that the clock has ticked past January 1st, so begins that little voice inside our head reeling off all the self-improvements for the new year ahead.